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Journal Articles

  1. V. Hoffmann & A. B. Romeo, 2012, MNRAS, Volume 425, Issue 2, pp. 1511-1520, The effect of ISM turbulence on the gravitational instability of galactic discs, ADS, arXiv


  1. V. Hoffmann, 2011, The Effect of Turbulence on the Gravitational Instability of Galactic Discs, Master Thesis (Chalmers University of Technology), Chalmers Library, PDF

Historical Archive

For completeness, I also list my Bachelor thesis and a mock paper written during a 5 month project in my Bachelor.

  1. J. Kolassa, T. B. Bahamon, G. Pieters, L. van Berkel, J. C. J. Veraa, F. Ahmadi, V. Hoffmann, R. Thiele, 2008, Advanced Space Based Interferometer at 22 GHz, Bachelor Thesis (Delft University of Technology), PDF
  2. L. S. Boersma, V. Hoffmann, 2007, Simulation and Assessment of GNSS Radio Occultation Events for a Low Earth Orbit Satellite, PDF
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